Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your inquiry, re joining the Island People Agency. We only work on the Isle of Wight and South coast.

We cannot guarantee any work! As it all depends on what, comes Over and if you are what they are looking for.

There is No Joining Fee. It is Free to register, as we work on a Commission bases.

Please fill in form on line adding recent photographs.


To be added onto our website. We will need Professional Photographs that are suitable for our site.  We charge £20 per person, for the time and space to be added to the site. Which is an annual fee starting at the beginning of each year.

Commission Rates & Charges

Island People work on the following commission basis:

15% for basic P.R. & TV. Extra work.

15% or 20% for ‘minor’ rolls.

20% for commercials, photographic and poster work.

All other work will be at a rate not less than 10%. But at a rate to be agreed before the job is assigned.


It is important to remember that ANY photographs taken by Island People Agency or ANY of its representatives, be it an official photographer OR client, then the photographs remain the property of Island People Agency. Photographs MAY be purchased from Island People at a rate to be agreed upon at the time.

Loyalty Agreement from you to Island People Agency

I understand that as a Member of Island People Agency;

Any Audition or Jobs from Island People Agency for Television, Films, Commercials, Photographic work & PR Events etc… is exclusive to Island People Agency.

That I am contracted with Island People Agency and not allowed to work for, or be cast by any person or company that has been introduced through Island People Agency, unless with Island Peoples Agency’s written agreement.

I also understand & agree that this ties me to any work or future work that is obtained from any casting by Island People Agency for up to five years.

If I need to move away from Island People Agency then I am to tell the Agency immediately and an agreement can be drawn up.

Jobs & Castings

Please remember –

Once you have committed. You need to make sure you follow through.

If you are unable to provide the Services due to illness or incapacity You shall notify the Company as soon as reasonably practicable and provide supporting documentation from a medical professional (e.g. Doctor’s note). So we can show the client. A re-booking fee of £60.00 will be charged by the Company to You if such notification occurs within the 2 days prior to commencement of the Job and such supporting documentation is not supplied.

If you are unable to provide the Services for any reason other than illness or incapacity You shall inform the Company at least 2 days prior to commencement of the Job. A re-booking fee of £60.00 will be charged by the Company to You if such notice is not given.


Always be on time, at lest 15mins before starting time.

Act in a good and well-behaved manor.

Look well presented, and correctly attired, whenever you are representing Island People Agency.

Never smoke and drink alcohol while working.

This is not a request BUT a requirement.  


After you have completed the Job, We invoice the client and request payment is paid by 30 days for the agreed Fee. (Time of payment can vary on companies).

Once we have received payment, We will be pay you by Bacs, minus commission.

Island People Agency accepts no responsibility for your Tax and NI.

If you have any questions please ask, otherwise we see that you agree and understand all the information and requirements needed.

With thanks

Dadina Sagger
C/O Island People Agency
Island People Agency Information

Who are Island People?

Island People are an Island based agency providing;

What are Island People’s Aims?

The aims of the agency are quite simple. To provide Professional People and Services from the Isle of Wight and South Coast. To use other local business on the Island if suitable. To Service All Production, Companies that are and use the Island.

What support will we give?

Island People will give you as much support as needed. We plan to run courses over the next twelve months. – How to present yourself at an interview or audition  / Website days / So you  want to be a model?   /  Portfolio Building   / Fashion and the catwalk   /   Video show-reel & Voice Over tips. The courses will be open to the public; HOWEVER there will be a discount for Island People Members.

How much will I have to pay?

It is FREE to Register with the agency, as we work on a commission bases for the jobs you get. We cannot guarantee work, as it is what the Clients are looking for.

We Do charge to add you to our Website and Workshops. But we try Very hard to keep them as Low as possible …you must remember ‘Island People Agency’ is a business and not a charity. The cost of maintaining a professional website, advertisings, marketing, renting venues for castings and shoots, using professional photographers etc…  Island People Agency works with Island Television & Film Services are constantly chasing and pushing to bring work to the Island.

Will you guarantee to find me work?

No!  Island People Agency is a Island based Agency, but will work hard to find you work, screenings, auditions and test shots. We will put you forward for jobs. But we can never guarantee you a job. Sorry.

How can I help myself?

Make sure we have your up to date information and Photos.


Any Questions Please call us – 01983 404275 OR